Hollywood is waiting for YOU.... 

To Be... Or Not To Be will be taking a summer off, and will begin again Summer 2015! 

"To Be... Or Not To Be" is an annual summer program that serves the community of Mississippi providing a safe, encouraing, and Christian environment for those interested in the art of acting. Each student will be encouraged to discover their inner selves, and become knowledgeable about the power of an actor. By the end of the camp, students should be developed in the basic fundamentals of professional acting. This program provides campers a strong acting foundation that teaches them how to have a creative and trusting outlook. Our philosophy teaches that the most important aspects of acting are love, discipline, faith, and knowledge of self.

This summer, we are taking a year off to develop better ways from students to learn film and television techniques. The director and founder, Essence Wallace, recently opened The Chosen Productions, LLC. (a production company is based in Jackson, MS). The production company will bring films and new media productions to Jackson, MS. Ms. Wallace is happy to announce that next year's camp will give students the opportunity to develop short films, teaching behind the scenes and acting for the camera! Please stay connected with us by adding us on Facebook, or subscribing to our monthly news letter.


For more information, please email us @ info.toBE@yahoo.com

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